What is a small group?

A small group is any group of 4 to 12 people getting together regularly to grow in their faith…talking about the Bible, praying together, and encouraging each other.

Who can join a small group?

Anyone!  Small groups are open to all who make BFMC their home church.

Why small groups?

From the beginning…when the Lord commanded His disciples to wait in Jerusalem until endowed with power from on High, He did not instruct them to wait alone, in solitude, but together.  Together they received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and together they continued in fellowship and in prayers, with one accord.  The grace of God, the Holy Spirit extended within the context of a community of faith, has been the lifeblood of Christianity from the beginning.  We are all called to be in community and to grow in knowledge and grace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Small groups are not a new idea.  The first Christians met in homes to pray and learn from the Bible.  John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, had a keen interest in the health of people.  He used the idea of small groups in what were called “classes.”  Methodist classes were groups of believers who met with the specific intention of pursuing holiness (becoming more like Jesus).

What happens?

Groups gather and together enter into God’s means of grace…

  • Prayer:  praying with and for one another
  • Bible Study:  learning, sharing, and applying God’s Word to our lives
  • Worship:  testimonies of God’s Faithfulness
  • Fellowship:  commitment, connection, encouragement, watching over one another in love
  • Service:  serving each other as well as the greater community

Where and when do small groups meet?

Groups usually meet online (via Zoom) or in member’s homes.  The frequency (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), the day/time of the week to meet, where to meet, and how long the group meets together are determined by each individual group.

How can I join a group?

CLICK BELOW to email Rob Webb, Small Groups Coordinator.