Who We Are:

Ministry’s Mission Statement:
“To Glorify God through loving service of our neighbors by the freedom we have through Christ’s salvation.”  (Romans 11:36, 13:8-10,  1Cor. 6:20,  Gal. 5:14,  Matt. 22:36-40John 8:36)

The vision of the Missions Ministry is to be engaged in activities which bring persons into a loving and regenerative relationship with Jesus Christ.

Many struggle to accept the salvation gift of God, until they have experienced the love of God.  While it is understood that the salvation work is God’s alone, it is our call to disciple.  Missions at BFMC therefore is focused on our local community and beyond.

‘Beyond’ has taken us to Ghana, Haiti, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, South Africa, Mississippi (Hurricane Katrina), and more!

Global Missions

Arise: The Ghana Mission

Barrie Free Methodist Church has a Canada-Ghana partnership with the Free Methodist Church in Ghana for the purpose of growing the church in Ghana.  For more information visit the FMCiC Ghana webpage.  To stay up-to-date on our Ghana-Canada partnership, join our Facebook page!

Local Missions

We participate in and/or support many local outreach programs, including:

Want to help?  Ask us how you can be a part of supporting your community!

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