What does “Worship” mean to us?

Why do we sing, pray, read the Bible, and hear preaching on a Sunday morning?  We believe that all of these activities point us to Jesus Christ, God’s Son and the Saviour, through the Holy Spirit’s interaction with believers.  These activities please God when they are practiced with the proper motivation.  They also help us to be more like Jesus, which is God’s desire for all people.

“Through humble service, we seek to enable those who gather in community,
to reverently focus on our Triune God,
to celebrate Him, His grace and His love in our lives
and to thankfully submit to His Lordship.”

Sunday mornings are just one time when we can be directed to do all of those things:  humbly serve one another, bond as a community of faith, leave behind outside distractions and focus on God, celebrate what God has done and is doing in our lives, and to learn to submit to Him and become obedient to Him.  This can happen in our homes, our workplaces and even in our recreation activities!

Authentic worship is essentially submission to God.
As a “worship team”, our purpose is to lead in such a way that we allow God to shine through us, so that others are compelled to join us in worship.  This is always accomplished by the Holy Spirit, not by any certain style of music or order of service.  We want to serve with excellence, not neglecting to do our best, but always being sensitive to what God wants to communicate to his people.