Week 1
January 15th 2017
The Power of Prayer
James 5:14-16

Week 2
January 22nd 2017
Learning to Pray
Matthew 6:4-13

Week 3
January 29th 2017
Unanswered Prayer
Proverbs 3:5-6

Week 4
February 5th 2017
Recognizing God’s Voice
John 10:27

Feb 5thBasic Training: Recognizing Gods VoiceRev. Jenn Wagar
Jan 29thBasic Training: Unanswered PrayerRev. Jenn Wagar
Jan 22ndLearning to Pray: Matt 6:4-13Rev. Jenn Wagar
Jan 15thThe Power of Prayer: James 5:14-16Rev. Jenn Wagar
Jan 8thRemain in me: John 15Bishop Keith Elford