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Myth: A widely held but false belief or idea:
A Christian myth is a widely held but false belief or idea about Christianity.

In this series, we are going to either confirm or bust some widely held false beliefs about our faith in order so that we can walk in the truth and live the life that God has called us to.

Aug 28MYTHBUSTERS: "Lessons from the Rock" - Phil 2:9-11Rev. Jenn Wagar
Aug 21MYTHBUSTERS: "God Can't Forgive All My Sin"Rev. Henry Dyck
Aug 14MYTHBUSTERS: "All Good People Go To Heaven"Rev. Rick Hancock
Aug 7MYTHBUSTERS: "Christians are Not Supposed to Judge"Velma Shewfelt
Jul 31MYTHBUSTERS: "You Can't Be Mad at God"Velma Shewfelt
Jul 24MYTHBUSTERS: "The Bible is Full of Mistakes"Rob Webb
Jul 17MYTHBUSTERS: "Become a Christian and All Your Problems Go Away"Velma Shewfelt
Jul 10MYTHBUSTERS: "If You're Saved, it's OK to Sin" Phyllis Slessor
Jul 3MYTHBUSTERS: "God Doesn't Give Us More
Than We Can Handle" - 1 Cor 10:13
Rev. Jenn Wagar

Past Series

7 week sermon series on the Book of Daniel
8 week sermon series on the Book of Luke
6 week sermon series